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Sometimes life can be difficult and it’s possible to feel overwhelmed by problems.   These can be in relationships, work and quality of life and counselling or psychotherapy can help.  Therapy can provide an opportunity to be supported and listened to in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment. It can also help with trauma or distress in relation to a life event or crisis.  It could also be that problems have been building up over time, such as low self-esteem. Often our adult lives are impacted by our childhood experiences or trauma and it is helpful to explore this with someone trained to understand.  I also offer couples and relationship therapy.  


As an integrative psychotherapist I can work with you to move towards a sense of wholeness and an ability to partake more richly in life. I draw on psychological theories and use the therapist-client relationship as the focus of the healing process. In this way it is possible to start to better understand how you function in the world and for profound psychological and emotional change to take place.

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